Please Note:

New membership subscriptions will be due for a 9 month period from 1st July 2020

£277 Family

£135 Full Adult

£73 Weekday Adult

£53 Student

£40 Junior


We welcome anyone who is interested in playing tennis. Feel free to come down and join in with our Club Sessions for a few weeks - no obligation - no fees. If you would like to give us a try, just call or email:

John Lurie
01275 856771

£370 Family

2 adults and any number of children in full time education.

£180 Full Adult

No restrictions on play except when there is priority to other classes of membership.

£97 Weekday Adult

Weekdays before 6pm, weekends after 6pm.

£71 Student

These are younger players who have graduated from Junior Membership. Student Members must be under 18 and in Full Time Education. They can play at anytime (subject to other Club Commitments,viz: League Matches).
Students have priority for use of Court 5 on Thursday evenings from 6pm-8pm (April-Sept) and on Saturdays from 2pm-5pm (All Year). Students are welcome to join in with Club Open Sessions when they have reached an acceptable standard of play.

£53 Junior

All children who have not yet reached Student level. Play restricted to:- Weekdays before 6pm. ( Wednesday 7pm). Juniors may play anytime on Saturday except between 2pm and 5pm. No restriction on Sundays.

£10 Coaching

For anyone not covered by any of the categories above that uses the courts purely for coaching purposes. These are adults or children attending any of the Head Coaches sessions or having private coaching from any of the other coaches. Please note, coaching fees to be settled separately.

Membership for Children

If your enquiry is about children only please contact our Junior Representative:

Nick Bloom


New Members

  • It is hoped that prospective members who wish to attend Club Play Sessions will have already achieved a reasonable playing standard.Those who have not yet reached this standard will be encouraged to join the "Improver" sessions run by the Club Coach who is always available to prospective members.
  • See the notice board for details of club play in the winter and summer. These times are probably the best opportunities for new members to become fully involved in the club's activities.