What happens to our old balls?

Ever wondered what happened to the old tennis balls at Backwell Tennis Club?
We have donated them to a charity, so the balls you have used during league tennis, club nights & coaching have now made hundreds of other children very happy as the report below explains.

Ben Tilling
Head Coach & Tennis Manager

"Forget PlayStations and Barbies. Most of the children that we meet in Uganda have no toys at all. They play games with what they can find. Collectively they might make a ball out of old plastic bags to kick around.

It was such a privilege to hand out to these children the tennis balls so kindly donated.
Tennis balls are a universal toy enjoyed by children of all ages, just playing around or as part of organised games such as group catch or touch rugby training. Every ball given was greeted with huge smiles and thanks. Such a simple thing brings so much happiness. Many thanks again for the kind donation of tennis balls; they are truly valued by the children."

Jamie Pritchard