Club Security

On leaving

When you are the last player to leave the club, please:

  1. Check that the gate to Courts 1 & 2 has been locked.
  2. Close and lock both sliding patio doors and the clubhouse door.
  3. Lock the main gate using the padlock.


All members should carry their key when going to play. You may be the last person on the courts and you will need to secure the premises as above.


The balls kept in the kitchen are for use by all members except Juniors. Balls for use by Juniors are stored in the ball machine.

Nets and Balls on Court

After play, please lower the nets and return the balls to either the kitchen or Junior box as appropriate. Please do not leave balls on the table in the clubhouse.

Last players

Please check that the last players have a key with them!

Kitchen Door

After returning balls to the kitchen please close the door firmly.

Thank you

If everyone follows these simple rules we can keep the club secure and the facilities as they should be to the benefit of all members.