Club Tournament

The Club tournament is going from strength to strength, involving more and more members each year. We want everyone to take part and there is, therefore, a wide range of events to encourage as many players as possible, including:

  • Open Singles (Ladies & Men)
  • Open Doubles (Ladies & Men)
  • Mixed Doubles
  • Random Doubles
  • Plate matches for those knocked out in their first round of the Open events
  • Over 50s and over 60s events
  • Seeded top players
  • Junior events
  • Trophies for all the winners and runners up

Tournament Rules

  • The standard L.T.A. rules of tennis apply. Tournament Referee: Ben Tilling
  • Play the best of 3 sets with a tiebreak at 6 - 6 in all 3 sets.
    (Junior events: Play 2 sets with a tie break in each at 6 - 6. If 1 - 1, play a Championship tie break to decide).
  • ‘Plate’ tournaments will be held for those knocked out in their first match in the Open events (this may not necessarily be in the first round - see noticeboard fordetails).

Eligibility for Junior and Vets events determined by age, as follows:

  • 8&U (Red) - players born 1 Sept 2011 or later
  • 9&U (Orange) - players born 1 Sept 2010 or later
  • 10&U (Green) - players born 1 Sept 2009 or later
  • 12&U - players born 1 Sept 2007 or later
  • 14&U - players born 1 Sept 2005 or later
  • 16&U - players born 1 Sept 2003 or later
  • Over 50s - players born 31 March 1970 or earlier
  • Over 60s - players born 31 March 1960 or earlier

  • Note: Random Partner over 60s Doubles
    This event can now be entered by both men and ladies. Pairs will still be selected randomly and will not necessarily be mixed pairs - pairs could also be two men or two ladies.

First named player(s) - As always, it is your responsibility to please:

  • Arrange and play your match by the deadline shown.
  • Contact your event supervisor if you are unable to arrange your match. (e.g. difficulty contacting the opponent(s) or arranging court time).
  • Give everyone plenty of notice and not leave anything to the last minute!
  • Please note that your opponent(s) will go through to the next round and your event supervisor will disqualify you if your match has not been played by the deadline given (unless you have contacted your event supervisor well in advance of the match deadline to explain any problems that you may be experiencing with the arrangement of the match). There can be no exceptions to this rule.
  • As in previous years, would any player unable to make Finals Weekend please concede their place just prior to finishing their semi-final match. Thank you.